On the Course in July

Welcome to the July edition of the monthly Course Blogs aimed at keeping you updated on the general condition of the golf course plus details of all the work Head Green Keeper, Shaun Kench, and his team have been doing throughout the month.

The average temperature in July was 27 degrees with a high of 33 degrees on 26th July, and coupled with minimal rainfall throughout the month it's been quite a month!

As the drought continued the team have been regularly watering the greens and tees to combat this with the greens receiving 3mm of water per 1m3 which is a lot more than the normal watering programme for this time of year! The greens have generally remained in good health with only the 2nd, 9th and 13th struggling to cope but they are showing good signs now of recovery and coverage.

We have also sprayed the greens with Lagos, which is a seaweed and NPK fertiliser, along with a calcium fertiliser, Humic SC & Carnival, which helps the Ph level of the soil. Both treatments have contributed to keeping the playing surfaces green.

The greens have also been verti-cut every two weeks to help reduce areas of moss which has appeared due to the high levels of water input. This process also thins areas of the putting surface which in turn increases the speed and helps create a truer surface. We will also be verti-draining the greens and hose piping the dry areas to help them through the hot weeks ahead. Where needed, we are pelleting a wetting agent onto the greens in the continual fight to keep them all in as good a condition as we possibly can.