On the Course in August

Welcome to August's Course Blog aimed at keeping you updated on the general condition of the golf course plus details of all the work Head Green Keeper, Shaun Kench, and his team have been doing throughout the month.

The month of August was a month of being back to normality weather wise with a steady average temperature of 25 degrees with plenty of showers helping to kick start the much needed recovery period.

The greens have held up really well after all the hot weather we experienced throughout July and the early part of the month. Thankfully only a couple of the usual areas suffered some burning. During the month we fertilised the greens with a calcium granular which increases the pH levels in the weaker areas, and also contribute to keeping the playing surfaces green.

The UK FootGolf Open was held on the main course over the weekend of 17th, 18th and 19th so work was kept to a minimum during this period. This allowed us to rest the course and allow the grass to grow and strengthen the sward.

We applied a 12-3-10 NPK fertiliser to all the greens towards the end of August. This treatment was scheduled to be completed mid-July but due to the extreme heat we were cautious and took the decision to postpone. The fertiliser is applied as a feed which works on a longevity scale of 10 weeks which helps to keep the plant healthy and stronger. It has been clearly working within a couple of days of application as the grass is now very dark green in appearance and when cut the clippings are really clean.