On the Course in October

Welcome to October's edition of our Course Blog aimed at keeping you updated on the general condition of the golf course plus details of all the work Head Green Keeper, Shaun Kench, and his team have been doing throughout the past month.

The month of October has been extremely busy for the team with the renovation work carried out. The start of the month began with the weather finally returning to a more normal pattern with several showers and reduced temperatures, both of which were very welcome! The change in weather has helped many areas throughout the golf course recover from the intensity of the previous six months and the signs are very promising moving forward.

We started October with our planned winter renovations which was to core all the greens followed by overseeding and top dressing. This programme was very intense this time round, however, many areas have shown great germination already with vastly improved grass coverage. The greens were overseeded with a DLF Seed marked PM10 which is a mix of Bent Fescue, Dwarf Rye's and Creeping Fescues. After the work was completed we then sprayed the greens with Instrata to reduce any Fusarium Patch that appeared and then followed up with fertilising all the greens with K-Two 7-0-14. This process really helped the greens recover with a healthy sward and a strong appearance.

Following this we then gave the greens a two week rest from cutting which has again shown the benefits and aided recovery from the stresses of the renovations. From now on our plan will be to reduce the cutting programme where possible, ie: quiet days for golf traffic, which will result in the greens being in superb condition throughout the coming winter months. The extent of the quality in recovery can be seen in the photograph below (bottom right) where the root growth is nearly 6 inches below the surface. This is compared to only 1.5 inches below the surface when Shaun started working here nearly 4 years ago!