On the Course in November

Welcome to the November edition of our Course Blog aimed at keeping you updated on the general condition of the golf course plus details of all the work Head Green Keeper, Shaun Kench, and his team have been doing throughout the past month.

November received above average levels of rainfall including 3 days of over 40mm of rain per day but despite the wet weather work continued throughout the month on some vital areas of the course.

We are now well into our winter cutting programme with the greens being cut to 4.5mm every other day on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. To help the greens stress levels during winter, and also assist the aestethics, we have been trialing a Jacobsen Eclipse2 Walking Hand Mower (headline photo at top of page) from local supplier PA Turney Limited and so far the trial has shown some fantastic improvements. By using a walking hand mower we are able to reduce the stress levels of the grass caused by the tyres from our standard Greens Mowers. These mowers also give a fantastic cut quality from the customised settings which are one of the may features on these machines. The other essential cutting which was completed during the month was reducing and thinning out the long rough throughout the course to around 4".

All 18 greens were also sprayed during November with the turf fungicide Instrata to treat the patches of Fusarium which have appeared. This product has a unique three-way mode of action giving powerful protection from disease infection, plus essential curative and eradicate activity on disease symptoms that have already broken out. It also benefits from two further active ingredients which significantly reduce the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

We also carried out a routine spray of all tee boxes and approaches for worms using Worm Off