On the Course in May

Welcome to the May edition of our Course Blog, keeping you updated on the condition of the golf course and details of the works our Greenkeeping Team have been doing.

May has come and gone and with it, we have finally had some rain, although it's nowhere near enough! May itself has been a slow and frustrating month as temperatures although warm in the daytime, didn't raise above 8ºc overnight until the latter part of the month meaning that the ground temperature was nowhere near the 14ºc needed to encourage plant germination.

Because of this everything, except the rough, has grown slowly and all treatments that were applied took ages to take effect. By the end of the month however, temperatures have increased and now we are seeing some really good growth across all areas of the course.

The greens are now looking really healthy, are knitting together well. We applied fertiliser to help the base of the plant strengthen up for the summer and have applied both penetrant (humic sc and maxi crop seed weed) and folia mixes (foli N, krystamag, and prosper plus) every other week to help encouraging growth and have been able to apply these mixes to the tees as well.

This is a programme which is intended to continue throughout the year. We have also introduced the use of PGR (plant growth regulator) mixes to this year's greens programme. Although it sounds like it will reduce the leaf growing, it actually encourages the grass to grow laterally and helps to get the grass spreading into the weaker areas and most noticeably those areas that over the past few years have not fully recovered.